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     At Iron Fist we strive to provide a family-friendly, educational, and enjoyable learning experience. Our students and their families are our first priority, and we are proud to say that we deliver the experience we strive for.

"A wonderful place to take your kids or yourself. My son and daughter both attend the classes and they love it. The owner is wonderful and a great teacher. I highly recommend Iron Fist to anyone."

- Richard W.

"The friendliest martial arts school. Fun, respectful and lot’s of discipline"

- Nick T.


"My daughter and I have been taking classes at IFMA for years. Now that she is older she can also take the classes with me. Master Patrick is a very good martial arts instructor and also good with children and adults. It's a very family friendly atmosphere and they really enjoy what they are doing. The students also learn about respect, honor, discipline, etc. They encourage students to do their best and compliment them. The students self confidence goes up. Sir Mario also teaches taekwondo and self-defense classes at night. So there are families that take classes together. They incorporate different types of martial arts in their classes so the students are well rounded. 
We enjoy going to classes. I feel better that not only it's a good work out and gets you fit but now that my daughter is a teen she can actually defend herself if she needs too. She looks feminine and sweet yet you would never know she could probably take down a guy. We've made good friends with other families that take classes."

- Vivian Q.

"I am a senior citizen who has taken lessons with my grand children with Master Patrick for many years. He’s been an outstanding and patient instructor who has gone the extra mile to ensure me and my family have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the art. I have taken instruction in several different martial art forms at several studios throughout the years and find Master Patrick to be the best instructor I have studied under to date. It's been amazing seeing the progress I have made and am thrilled at the confidence he has instilled in both me and my grand children. I am thrilled to be a member at Iron Fist Martial Arts and will continue to be for many, many years. I highly recommend the studio for studies of all ages."

- William C



"Best Martial Arts School"

by Daily News

Five-Star Review



"Best Place for Children's Fitness"

by The Signal

"I would like to start off first by saying...WOW! I have been to a bunch of other martial arts schools and spoken to different Masters, but none have impressed me like Master Patrick. He is such a respectful man and so knowledgeable. The school is always so clean and the membership options are so affordable! I had my two kids at a different school and felt like they were just progressing through the belts too quickly while not really getting much out of it. I brought them to Iron Fist and was blown away by how much they learned in one class with Master Patrick, than they did over a year at their old school! His classes are super fun and exciting, and he shows them very practical moves all while focusing on character building. I just wish I could post more than just 5 stars! Iron Fist gets a 10 in my book!"

- Max J.


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