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Iron Fist offers a variety of classes accomodating different age groups, skill levels, and interests. Every class is taught by our experienced Iron Fist Instructors, who love to create fun yet challenging experience for our students.

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An excellent outlet for your child's energy, Iron Fist Martial Arts provides one of the best forms of exercise and discipline, by coupling Martial Arts and performance training within a very friendly environment. Using methods of positive reinforcement and encouragement, our Juniors classes are provided as an compliment or alternative to traditional team sports. Our Juniors students learn martial arts while building up their confidence and self-esteem. Students in this class also learn character building principles through our Words of the Week lessons, which discuss how black-belt standards of character apply not only in the Dojang, but at home and school as well. Positive life values and lessons are constantly addressed, including teamwork and Stranger Danger.  Basic Martial Art techniques, color and shape recognition, counting, and tumbling are only a few of the methods used to improve flexibility, strength, dexterity, and environment awareness. Educational aspects and kindergarten readiness skills are constantly addressed during our Kinder Kicks Class, including:

-Listening to and following verbal directions

-Group cooperation

-Gross Motor development

-Identification of colors, letters & shapes

-Counting and spelling

-Hand-eye coordination

MIXED (ages 6½-15)

Our most popular program, our Mixed classes implement the best of our self-defense techniques. In addition to their complete Tae Kwon Do training, our mixed age students learn techniques from Tae kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Krav Maga.  Using methods of positive reinforcement and encouragement, our martial arts classes for mixed ages are provided to teach students the fundamentals of martial arts while constantly focusing on character building and fitness. Our students learn martial arts surrounded by students of different ages, learning the importance of team work and camaraderie. Unlike traditional team sports, in addition to teamwork, fitness and goal setting, our classes incorporate additional values and skills proven valuable to students both inside and outside of the Dojang. Positive life values and lessons are constantly addressed in our Mixed classes, including Stranger Danger and Bully-Proofing.

TEENS & ADULTS (ages 15+)

Iron Fist Martial Arts offers classes for adults who wish to learn martial arts and improve their quality of life. Our classes are designed to suit the average hard-working adult while also engaging our energetic teens. While learning martial arts at their own pace, our students tend to gain many health benefits as a result of our fitness-minded classes. Students, within this program, tend to regulate their blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and have more energy during the day. At a convenient time of the evening, students can participate in class right after work and still be home in time for dinner! This class is very popular with our teens since it is faster-paced and more challenging than our Mixed Classes, but students of all ages love this class because of its fun workouts, friendly teaching, and the constant demonstration of real-life self-defense techniques and scenarios.


We proudly support & welcome our brave men & women in Law Enforcement & the Military!


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