Olympic Competition Team

       The Iron Fist Olympic Competition Team is made up of elite students who train to compete in Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Our Competition Team students have been very successful at tournaments around the state, including the state championships.


       Master Tatevossian personally trains our Competition Team, and uses his extensive experience to guide our students to success. Master Patrick has competed and received Gold Medals in dozens of local and regional competitions. Among his many awards and accomplishments, Master Patrick has won 3 U.S. Regional Championships, and trained a winning USA Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do Competition Team.


California Taekwondo Open

2015 California Taekwondo Open Championships

California Open Taekwondo Champ.s

California Open Taekwondo Championships 5 Gold & 5 Silver Medals

2015 Califorina Open Taekwondo Championships

2015 Califorina Open Taekwondo Championships

2015 California Taekwondo Open Championships

2015 Califorina Open Taekwondo Championships

Long Beach Tournament

Long Beach Tournament

Chen Lai's Invitational

Chen Lai's Initational Taekwondo Championships 1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal

Sparring Practice

Advanced and Competition Team Students in Sparring Training

8 Gold & 1 Bronze Medal

8 Gold & 1 Bronze Medal

College of the Canyons Tournament

College of the Canyons Tournament 4 Gold & 2 Silver Medals

Iron Fist Teams

Leadership Team

     Iron Fist's Leadership Team is comprised of students who possess exceptional skill and knowledge of the martial arts, show desire to excel, and demonstrate leadership both in and out of class. Leadership Team Students also maintain an above average GPA in their school academics. These students are formally trained by Master Tatevossian to become official instructors at Iron Fist Martial Arts and are given the opportunity to assist Master Tatevossian and his staff during class.

Demonstration Team

       Iron Fist's Demonstration Team is compromised of some of our most talented Iron Fist Martial Arts students and instructors. Our "Demo Team" is always happy to preform at many local events such as expos, festivals, and charity events. Our team demonstrates traditional, advanced, and sport martial arts, along with weapons and self-defense techniques.


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